Model Who Says Men Won’t Stop Hitting On Her At Gym Wants To Hire $3K A Month Bodyguard

A woman has said that she’s thinking of hiring a bodyguard to protect her from being harassed by guys when she exercises at the gym.

A model who claims that because she is “so hot,” guys keep hassling her at the gym is now thinking of hiring an expensive bodyguard to go with her so that she may work out quietly.

At least five times a week, Monica Huldt, 37, of Scottsdale, Arizona, visits the gym where she is often approached by males.

The Polish-born Instagram user, who has 305,000 followers, considers it pleasant that guys find her attractive, but she’s tired of having to ignore unwanted advances while focusing on her fitness routine.

She considers the gym to be a secure place as well, but the constant attention might occasionally make her feel uneasy because she has previously been the victim of sexual harassment.

For the right person, Monica is willing to spend a lot of money, as she initially stated in 2022 when she intended to hire a bodyguard to protect her.

‘Working out and exercising is super important to me as I do it not just for my physical health but my mental well-being,’ Monica says.

She added: ‘I get hit on at the gym at least once every time I go, and I work out at minimum five times a week so it can get a bit draining.’

Then Monica described a time when a man had asked for her phone number.

‘For instance, once I was looking at my phone one day and this older guy came up to me and said, “Stop trying to text me, I didn’t bring my phone,”‘ she said.

‘I replied saying I wasn’t texting him and he then asked if I wanted to.’

The 37-year-old said that while she enjoys the praise and finds it all pleasant, all she really wants is to be able to have some alone time without feeling awkward.

‘It does make me feel good to know they find me attractive as I didn’t have the best self-esteem growing up – but most of the time I just want to be left alone so I can get in and get out,’ Monica said.

‘I would happily pay $3,000 a month for someone who does a good job and can scare people off.’

‘He wouldn’t even have to do that much work.’

‘Just coming with me to the gym and some photoshoots, I wouldn’t want to have him around 24/7.’

‘That would be too much.’

The model is reminded of countless terrifying and unpleasant encounters that almost resulted in extremely dangerous situations of unwanted attention at the gym.

‘I have had a stalker before who somehow found my number,’ Monica, who is also Swedish, said.

‘This guy would text me pretending to be other people, like the lady that does my eyelashes, a photographer I’ve worked with, and even a doctor.’

‘It was super creepy and I had to block all the numbers he would text from.’

‘I still have no real idea who he was, he was just this random man.’

Monica also described another frightening incident in which a man grabbed her and tried to pull her in his direction.

‘Another time when I was still in Sweden I was waiting for the train and a guy started trying to chat me up,’ she said.

‘When I tried to leave because my train came he grabbed my leg as I was running up the stairs at the train station and tried to pull me into an alley.’

‘Thankfully people came and he ran off, but it was so scary.’

‘I shudder at what might have happened if he hadn’t been interrupted.’

Any admirers are also wasting their time because John, her husband of 40 years, and Monica, a self-described “traditional wife,” are a happy couple.

She claims that despite other men attempting to court her, her husband wasn’t ‘intimidated,’ but he is concerned for her safety.

‘John is actually pretty proud and always tells me he loves having such a hot wife,’ Monica added.

‘He is not intimidated at all although he does get worried when I go out by myself in the evening.’

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