NFL player Taylor Decker tears into FedEx for losing a month’s supply of wife’s breastmilk

Taylor Decker, offensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, has ripped into FedEx after they lost a month’s supply of his wife’s breastmilk.

The NFL star had welcomed his daughter Daisy Faye with his wife Kyndra in October and the family of three was preparing to relocate for the offseason, per PEOPLE.

In preparation for the move, Kyndra had produced a month’s supply of breastmilk which was subsequently lost by FedEx while transporting the parcel from the family’s “in season home to off season home”, according to Taylor’s posts.

Taylor aired his frustration at the company on Twitter, saying: “Shoutout @FedEx for losing a perishable 24 hour shipment of a month supply of milk for my newborn, and responding that there is nothing they can do, and will not reimburse me. What a joke.”

The tweet gained the attention of the delivery company and they gave a public response asking for further details of the case, leading the Lions player to tweet: “Oh but now I get a response because it’s on social media.”

In a series of follow-up tweets responding to various comments, Taylor confirmed that the milk is irreplaceable due to it being his wife’s breastmilk and that he plans to use USPS instead of FedEx from now on.

Kyndra took to Instagram to share her frustrations where she reportedly wrote in her Instagram story, via PEOPLE: “Good afternoon to everyone except for @fedex who won’t deliver my 25 pound box full of 180 ounces of breast milk.”

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She showed an image of the boxes which were labeled “keep milk frozen” and “for moms on a mission”. It was later revealed by the annoyed mother where her packages had ended up.

In a follow-up post, Kyndra shared: “My breast milk has been priority expedited to Pennsylvania. A place I have never been and will never be. Thanks for literally nothing @fedex.”

FedEx relayed their apologies to PEOPLE: “We understand how important this shipment is to Mr. Decker, and we sincerely apologize. We are directly in contact with him, working to resolve the issue.”

The efforts of staff were also acknowledged by Taylor on Twitter as he wrote: “I think it’s appropriate to acknowledge Corneshia (I believe that’s the proper spelling) at Exec offices doing a wonderful job helping us to receive our package in a salvageable state. A positive ending to an unfortunate situation.”

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