48-Year-Old Mom Trolled For Wearing G-string Bikinis

A 48-year-old mother of four described the awful remarks she receives when she showcases her figure in her favorite G-string bikinis and wears crop tops.

A mother of four admitted that, despite people telling her to “dress her age,” she enjoys wearing crop tops and G-string bikinis.

Rose Cordeiro, 48, has a bold sense of style that goes along with her outspoken attitude.

She loves to flaunt her toned body by donning crop tops, tight dresses, and G-string bikinis since she is so happy with how she looks.

The mother, who has four children ages ranging from 10 to 25, resides in Texas, but people frequently comment on how young-looking she is.

She claimed that whenever she goes out with her 25-year-old daughter, people mistake them for sisters.

The self-assured mother currently has over 43,000 followers on her TikTok profile, where she uses the platform to discuss the good things in life.

During the pandemic, she began making entertaining clips, and everything progressed from there.

Initially intended as a fun activity to pass the time with her daughter, the activity quickly gained popularity.

And Rose isn’t afraid to show off her talents when it comes to expressing herself.


“Dressing the way you want shouldn’t be determined by your age.”

Rose hates when women are pushed to have a certain appearance and don’t believe it’s acceptable to condemn someone based on what they choose to wear.

The mother added that she believed things were frequently sexualized and questioned why people made remarks when ladies didn’t wear bras.

She stated to the US Sun that she is “totally against bras” and believes that “society is brainwashed” into thinking that wearing bras is a sexual act.

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