Piers Morgan slammed for ‘unnecessarily cruel’ Madonna comments

Piers Morgan has been criticized for the comments he’s made about Madonna ahead of her 40th-anniversary tour.

On the latest episode of the 57-year-old’s TalkTV show, he dedicated an entire segment to his views on the 64-year-old ‘Vogue’ pop icon after she announced her forthcoming world tour.

On her Instagram, the songstress shared a video to accompany her announcement, which featured fellow celebrities such as Lil Wayne and Amy Schumer, and they played a risqué game of truth or dare.

In the clip, the 41-year-old comedian “dared” the musician to go on a world tour and perform her greatest hits. Madonna asked: “You think people would come to that show?,” before adding: “The answer is, f*** yeah.”

Watch the segment below:


Before the latest installment of Piers Morgan Uncensored, the TV presenter tweeted: “I think Madonna’s become the biggest cringe-making fiasco in world entertainment.”

And then during the show, the controversial broadcaster shared his unhappiness towards the news and took several moments to voice his disapproval towards the Grammy winner.

He called Madonna a “hot mess” who “should be put out to pasture,” while slamming her for doing “the whole trying to be a sex kitten thing when you’re in your 60s”.

Morgan also shared a series of suggestive pictures the singer posted on her social media page, including one of her lying underneath a bed with her backside on display.

He then turned to his guest, TalkTV Political Editor Kate McCann, and they debated about whether older women like Madonna should cover up their bodies.

“I think the same way when I see men prancing around all their clothes off at the age of 60, 70 to a rock star status, they get too old for it,” Morgan said, before adding: “The stick doesn’t work,” and that “women should, like men, grow old with some grace”.

McCann went on to ask Morgan “why is older not beautiful?” to which the presenter remarked that “old is beautiful,” but argued that “you can’t be a sexpot in your 60s”.

The host also invited former X Factor judge Louis Walsh for the discussion and the 70-year-old said that the ‘Like A Virgin’ hitmaker is “iconic” before Morgan suggested that she should do her tour while sitting in a “rocking chair”.

On social media, many users called out the former Good Morning Britain host for his disrespectful statements about one of the biggest pop icons.

One user wrote: “I think this is unnecessarily cruel and I would like to think Madonna is a bigger person than to care for such drivel.”


Another person questioned: “Remember when you said you’d never have her on life stories then her manager leaked the letter you sent her begging her to be on it[?] Madonna’s a legend who smashed barriers for female artists and has always been an LGBT+ ally. What have you done to make the world a better place?”

A third user chimed in and commented: “Why? Because she’s a woman who’s not ashamed to be herself? Because she’s prepared to work hard and not storm out of her job when losing a public argument? Utter #Misogynist @piersmorgan speaks again.”


A fourth person stated: “How dare you be so derogatory towards Madonna Piers? Just who the hell do you think you are?..”

This is not the first time the commentator has criticized the ‘Hung Up’ singer. Last year, he branded Madonna as “attention-seeking” after she posted a TikTok video where she threw a pair of pink panties into a trashcan.

The singer seemingly came out as gay in the clip as she wrote in the overlay text: “If I miss, I’m Gay,” so Morgan remarked: “I know I’m playing into her trap, adding, “She wants attention, and I’m giving it to her. But honestly, utterly ridiculous,” per News.com.au.


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